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Vermitech Lab

Microbes are an integral part of living soil - not only in transforming nutrients in the soil but
also with multiple functions in influencing soil health and plant growth.

These beneficial plant promoting traits of some soil microorganisms has led to a worldwide
search for growth-promoting representative strains for use as biological inputs for agriculture, aiming to achieve more sustainable and nature-friendly agriculture practices
Vermitech’s main focus is then therefore the screening for and identifying of microbes with
positive Plant Growth Promoting Characteristics which could enhance Soiltech’s biologically oriented programs.


Our laboratory is using its own developed fermentation processes and formulations to grow these microorganisms in easy to use and cost-effective farmer-friendly products.

Any product must show yield increases in the field over several seasons and conditions as
trialled on Trio Veg, before the products are included in the Soiltech package.

All current products are registered at DALRRD (Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development) under Group three Fertilizers.

Should you wish to learn more about them, please feel free to contact us or one of our representatives for more information. 

Lab Gallery

Samples of different Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms (PGPM's, Bacterial and Fungal) Cultures grown at our laboratory. It is very important to make sure the cultures are pure and stay pure. This is done by frequent 16S rRNA analysis of our cultures.

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