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Our Vision 

“Healthy living and fertile soils to produce nutritious dense and healthy food by farming closer to Mother Nature using less chemical fertilizers, less chemical pest control and disease management due to healthier soils and plants”


Our Story

Soiltech was founded in 2004 – with the main driving force being the global demand to start treating our planet with more respect through the use of more nature-friendly production methods. Important as well has been the public outcry for more nutrient-dense food products which are produced on a nature-friendly program not relying on chemicals sprays but rather building upon a strong healthy plant immune system.


Soiltech originated in Mpumalanga Lowveld and is located in the Komatipoort area from where we service the Komatipoort, Malelane, and Low’s Creek as well as the Nelspruit areas. However, due to various successful practical implementations of our programs in these areas, Soiltech has received numerous inquiries which led us to expand our business to the Dendron/Polokwane, Tzaneen/Hazyview and Northern Natal areas of SA and we are working timeously on expanding to the other regions of SA.

Soiltech considers itself as a pioneer in the field of Biologically, Chemically and Organically Integrated Farming Practices. Our programs favour healthy, fertile living
soils. We strive to help farmers who desire to farm “with Mother Nature rather than against her”.To implement this approach on their farms as successfully and affordably as possible, according to everyone’s own unique circumstances.

Soiltech’s motto of “Healthy Soil Grows Healthy Plants” is our passion and we strive all we can, to better or change a farmer’s fields to become as fertile as possible so that continued, successful farming is not just wishful thinking – but a reality. All Soiltech programs are aimed at maximum sustainable production – and adapting this mindset also has a positive impact on the environment and our natural resources due to fewer conventional chemicals being used. This leads to a reduction in the “Carbon Footprint” and contamination of water supplies through the leaching of excessive fertilizers. In addition, we strive to increase humus content (carbon) in the soils – Which is directly linked to the capturing of atmospheric carbon that may eventually play a role in global warming.


Vermitech (Soiltech sister company) was founded in 2011 with the main focus being the production of micro-organisms that could be used in Soiltech’s biological programs for more nature-friendly pest and disease control. This however has changed and is the lab focusing solely on identifying and producing Plant Growth Promoting Micro-organisms (PGPM’s)

Vision – Healthier and more nutritious dense food for the world by using nature’s plant growth-promoting micro-organisms. (PGPM)


Mission – Producing pure and effective strains of beneficial plant growth-promoting micro-organisms (PGPM) and identifying more endemic species to facilitate biological farming practices.

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