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Soiltech sees itself as a pioneer in the field of Biologically-Chemically and Organically Integrated Farming Practices.

We strive to help farmers who decide to farm “with Mother Nature rather than against her” to implement this mindset on their farms as successfully and as affordably as possible and according to everyone's own unique circumstances.

Soiltech’s motto of "Healthy Soil Grows Healthy Plants" is our passion and we do all we can do to make a farmer's fields as fertile as possible so that continued, successful farming is not just wishful thinking - but a reality.

All Soiltech programmes are not only aimed at maximum sustainable production - but the mindset also has a positive impact on the environment and our natural resources because fewer conventional chemicals are used. This leads to a reduction in the "Carbon footprint" and contamination of water supplies through leaching of excessive fertilizers. In addition we strive to increase humus content (carbon) in the soils – which is directly linked to the capturing of atmospheric carbon that may eventually play a role in global warming.
Soiltech's vision is for this way of thinking to be established, not only in the farming community, but also to see it extended to home gardens, sports fields, golf courses and rehabilitation of mining operations as we are convinced that this way of thinking could play a great role in the protection and development of our natural resources.